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Updated 9th Sep, 2022

As of the 1st of April 2022, Japan has been able to provide insurance coverage for fertility treatment, including IVF, at less than 1/3 of the previous cost.

English language support fees

◆Initial Consultation→ ¥11,000

(This fee will be charged on the day of initial consultation)

◆Doctor Consultation→ ¥2,200

(This fee will be charged for each appointment with the doctor)

◆Egg retrieval cycle→¥22,000

(This fee will be charged on the day of egg retrieval and covers the entire cycle)

◆Embryo transfer cycle→ ¥22,000

(This fee will be charged on the day of embryo transfer and covers the entire cycle)

◆Artificial Insemination→ ¥5,500

(This fee will be charged on the day of artificial insemination and covers the entire cycle)

◆ Hysteroscope and Hysterosalpingography→ ¥11,000

(This fee will be charged on the day of examination and covers the entire explanation.)

  • ・We do not charge language support fees when the cycle (egg retrieval, embryo transfer, artificial insemination) is canceled.
  • ・Basically there is no charge for the timing therapy cycle.
  • ・No fee will be charged when changing from artificial insemination to timing therapy. On the other hand, you will be charged for a change from timing therapy to artificial insemination.
  • ・There is no charge for hysteroscopy or hysterosalpingography if the procedure is not performed.
  • ・No language support fees are required for items other than those listed above.

Subsidy Program

Our clinic has been approved and designated as a registered ART facility by the Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology. All 47 prefectures in Japan have designated subsidies for IVF and ICSI.
In addition, some local governments subsidize part of the cost of infertility tests and general infertility treatment so that couples who wish to have children can undergo early tests and start appropriate treatment if necessary.


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