Ovulation Induction

Infertility testing and treatment

For cases of insufficient follicle growth, such as delayed ovulation and ovulation disorders, it stimulates follicle growth and increases the probability of ovulation. It also improves the function of the corpus luteum that is formed as a result.

Consider the use of fertility drugs

From the first day of menstruation to the 5th day of menstruation

During this time, please come to the clinic and consider the use of fertility drugs

Conduct ovulation induction

From the 5th day of menstruation to 14th day of menstruation

In the case of oral medication, you do not need to come to the clinic until the day of the ultrasound examination after you start taking the medication. In the case of hMG/rFHS injection induction, you will need to visit the clinic for the number of injections.

If it is difficult to visit the clinic, self-injection is also possible.

  • ・Cyclofenil(Oral drug)
  • ・Clomiphene(Oral drug)
  • ・Aromatase inhibitor(Oral drug)
  • ・hMG/rFSH(Injection)
  • ・rFSH(Pen type injection)

Ultrasound examination

From the 10th day of menstruation to 12th day of menstruation

The ultrasound is used to check whether the follicles are growing well (correctly) and to predict the date of ovulation, so that timing guidance can be provided.

If ultrasound does not reveal the growth of follicles, a blood test can be used to measure estrogen (E2) and more accurately predict the date of ovulation.

Induced LH surge

From the 12th day of menstruation to 13th day of menstruation(36 to 40 hours before ovulation)

A sudden rise in LH (luteinizing hormone), which stimulates ovulation, due to an increase in estrogen (E2) secreted as the follicle grows is called "LH surge".After this LH surge, ovulation occurs.

When LH surge occurs
No need to come to the clinic at this time.
For reliable LH surge Use hCG injections or nasal spray (Suprecur).

Have sexual intercourse

From the 13th to 14th day of menstruation

Have sexual intercourse on the day your doctor instructs you after the ultrasound.

Luteal replacement therapy

After 14 days of menstruation(After ovulation)

Normalization of the luteum function is needed to prepare the implantation environment for the fertilized egg and to maintain the implantation.

No luteal replacement
(natural way)
Let nature take its course.
When luteal replacement
is used
Anterior pituitary hormone, follicle + progestin, progestin vaginal suppositories, hCG injections, follicle + progestin injections, and progestin injections are used.

Pregnancy test

After 28th day of menstruation (After the expected start of menstruation)

If there is no bleeding after the expected start of menstruation, a blood sample is taken to measure the hCG hormone to determine pregnancy.


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