Success Rate

Pregnancy rate

Frozen Embryo Transfer

0 %

JAPAN average 34.7%

Pregnancy rate

All Embryo Transfer

0 %

JAPAN average 31.9%

Number of Treatments in 2020
Timed Intercourse 723cases / year
Artificial Insemination 1,739cases / year
IVF-Egg retrieval 1,327cases / year
IVF-Embryo Transfer 1,348cases / year

Why choose
Hara Medical Clinic?

Trusted Since 1993.
As one of the Oldest Fertility Clinic in Tokyo.

Highest Pregnancy Success Rates in Japan.
FET; 44%(>40) 34.0%(<40)

Director’s past positions include Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research at Northwestern University.

We Provide Proprietary Regenerative medicine using proprietary menstrual blood stem cells(patent pending).

Compassionate care and tailor-made treatments.

All Testing and Treatment Conducted on-site in Our Comfortable and Trailblazing Clinic.

Committed to Keeping IVF And Fertility Treatment Financially Accessible.

Convenient Appointments Always Available.

Start Your Journey

Our Vision

We’re with you every baby-step of your pregnancy journey

Pioneering fertility treatment in Tokyo since 1993: At our clinic, doctors, embryologists, nurses, counselors, and therapists work together to provide suitable treatment for each individual, based on the latest academic research and evidence. This teamwork culture ensures the quickest possible conception with state-of-the-art treatment.
Meet your new family member as soon as possible!

Fertility Treatment Menu


Infectious Diseases & Thyroid Function


Anti-mullerian Hormone






Infectious Diseases


Semen Analysis


DNA Fragmentation Index Testing

*includes semen analysis

Timed Intercourse




Artificial Insemination




Clomid – 5 tablets


Femara – 5 tablets


hCG Injection


Ovidrel injection


Lutoral – 2×12 daily doses




Lutinas -1 box


Artificial Insemination Procedure


In Vitro Fertilization
Hormone Blood Testing – FSH, E2, LH

¥2,420 each





IVF Pre-Operative Test


Pregnancy Test


Clomid – 15 tablets,


Asuka Injection – 75 units


Asuka Injection – 150 units


Felling Injection – 75 units


Felling Injection – 150 units


Ovidrel injection


Sprecure nasal spray – 1 bottle


Cetrotide injection – 0.25mg


Egg Retrieval Procedure
No eggs retrieved


1-2 eggs retrieved


3-5 eggs retrieved


6+ eggs retrieved


Fertilization Procedure
Conventional IVF


ICSI – under 5 eggs


ICSI – 6+ eggs


Rescue ICSI – per egg


Split ICSI – under 5 eggs


Split ICSI – over 6 eggs


Piezo ICSI


Embryo Culture~Embryo Freezing
Embryo Culture

from ¥50,600 to ¥77,550

Embryo Freezing

¥27,500 per embryo

Embryo Transfer Procedures
Thaw frozen embryo


Embryo Transfer


Laser-Assisted Hatching


Infertility Treatment
Cost Subsidy Program

In order to lessen the financial burden of infertility treatment, the prefecture and municipality where you live subsidize part of the cost of infertility tests and treatment, as well as in vitro fertilization. The type and amount of grants will vary depending on where you live. Treatment from our clinic qualifies for these subsidies, and for only ¥12,200 we can help you apply – including completing the paperwork.


Cash and credit card payments are available, as are installment payment plans.
Please pay each day’s bills on the day of the appointment.

Use of credit card

VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB are all available.

Our Voices

Doctor’s Profiles

Kaoru Miyazaki

Our clinic believes in patient-centered medical care based on the philosophy of “the quickest conception with the latest medical care.” We provide tailor-made treatments for each individual. Infertility treatment does not always work; many people do not like to talk about infertility, and it can be a lonely burden to bear alone. It is difficult to avoid all the anxiety, but I think it is ideal for the couple and the medical team to proceed in the same direction while feeling as relaxed as possible. Each of our staff, including myself, will work as a team to support the couple. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hiroshi OkadaHead of Urology & Male Infertility

A leading urologist specializing in infertility. For 30 years, he has been at the forefront of clinical practice with the largest practice of male infertility patients in Japan. In particular, he has treated the largest number of cases in Japan of MD-TESE (microscopic testicular sperm extraction), which is the most advanced treatment for azoospermia, and he is also a pioneer of modern-day male infertility, such as treating “ejaculation disorder”.

Initial Consultations

Please click the Contact icon below to submit an inquiry about your desired treatment. We will reply to your inquiry via email. Please note, we cannot book an initial consultation over the phone.
At present, we only provide fertility treatment (Timing Method, AIH and IVF) to English speaking residents in Japan. Other treatments are currently not available.

Requested documents for initial consultation:

Health Insurance card (If you do not have one, please bring your photo identity document such as your passport. Both partners will need to provide this.)

Marriage Certificate:

  • For Legally Married couples:
    Please provide both of your original marriage certificates. (If you are from the same country then only one marriage certificate is needed.)
    If one of you or both of you didn’t register the marriage in your home country, single status affidavit(s) need to be provided as well.
    If one of you is Japanese, then please provide the Japanese spouse’s koseki tōhon(with everything listed) as well.
    Please provide both of your jūminhyō (Certificate of Registered Current Address) proving that you live in Japan.
  • For Common-Law couples (Unmarried couples that live together):
    Please provide both of your jūminhyō(Certificate of Registered Current Address) proving that you live together.
    Both of your single status affidavits need to be provided as well.
    If one of you is Japanese, the single status affidavit will be the Japanese spouse’s koseki tōhon(with everything listed) .
  • ★All documents should have been issued no earlier than 3 months before the date you provide them. If the documents are not issued in Japanese, English or Mandarin, an official translation of the documents will need to be provided. If there are any missing documents, we cannot provide you with any consultation or treatment.

English language support:

  • We provide English language support and charge English language support fees for every non-Japanese speaker. We will ask you to sign an agreement for this.
    You can refer to this page regarding the fees.

BMI limits:

  • Due to the risk of complications after pregnancy, unfortunately we are not able to provide treatments for people with a BMI of 30 or higher. Please note, we routinely check body weight for all our patients at the clinic. BMI = weight (kg) ÷height (m) ÷ height (m) Example: height 165 cm, weight 55 kg 55÷1.65÷1.65 = 20.2, BMI = 20.2

Hara Medical Clinic


Operating Hours

Examination Injection / blood test
Mon to Thu 8:30-19:00 8:30-20:00
Fri 8:30-14:30
Sat 8:30-16:00
Public holiday 8:30-14:30

Closed Sundays


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